RTStand LV124: fully-automated LV 124 test system

Solution by: WKS Informatik GmbH (DE)

RTStand LV124, based on the RTStand platform, Tube Analyzer and Ultra-fast Interrupter, enables automated testing according to the LV124, making testing cost efficient and comfortable

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RTStand LV 124 is an automated testing system for the LV124 norm. Based on RTStand platform and Tube Analyzer, it considerably reduces testing costs and gives the user all benefits of two innovation-award-winning products. RTStand platform has a modular structure, allowing customers to re-use their own resources and integrates a customizable User Interface and a library of Custom Step Types for NI TestStand, supporting LV 124 functionality, their overall performance reducing testing times by 75% compared to manual systems. Tube Analyzer is an innovative product, developed to support LV124 electrical tests. Its features, such as continuously monitoring and analyzing up to 400 pins in parallel with a rate of 100KHz, enable a 50% faster data analysis than usual testing systems.

  • High resolution measurement and analysis data - 100KHz
  • Monitors up to 400 pins in parallel
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Custom Step Type library for NI TestStand with LV124 functionality
  • Automated system for LV124
  • Reduces testing costs
  • Reduces testing times by 75%
  • Reduces analysis times by 50%
  • Flexible and scalable definition of the hardware platform
  • Modular and scalable software components
  • Faster and comfortable test development
NI System Content
  • NI TestStand
  • NI LabVIEW
  • NI VeriStand
  • NI standard hardware

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