Kadro K64RT- Test and Hardware-In-the Loop (HIL) system

Solution by: Aliaro AB

Kadro K64RT is a real-time test solution & HIL for testing objects up to 64 channels in real time.

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Kadro provides a simulated environment for the testing of one or more control systems. The system simulates the environment with real and simulated loads and perform simulations of both sensors and machines. Kadro ranges from small portable test solutions to large real-time (HIL) systems. Naturally we provide traceability in all aspects from configuration and requirements to test results. In product development our solutions shorten development time and improve quality. In production our solution cut time and provides data for yield measurements. Our mission for each customer is to provide the most cost effective solution. Kadro can be used in the area of Automotive, Aerospace and Medical Science.

  • Digital signal conditioning of each channel (1-8) with configurable threshold (5-30V)
  • Operating voltage range: -10- +60V
  • Max continuously current: 10A per channel -> max 40A by parallel channels.
  • Channel bandwidth (50Ω): 1 MHz
  • Web Interface for signal conditioning add-on modules
  • With AliaroConnect the system can be controlled and monitored using the cloud.
  • Cost Efficient, reusable hardware.
  • Flexible architecture - can easily be re-configured and rebuilt for new projects.
  • High performance - using NI C-serie module with FPGA
NI System Content
  • NI C-series module
  • Veristand
  • LabVIEW RT
  • LabVIEW
  • TestStand

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