Motion Controlled Sphere and Tumbler Rooms

Solution by: Prolucid Technologies Inc

An application for controlling two rooms, where a test subject sits inside, with full programmable motion sequences for operator use and subject data logging.

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This application controls two rooms, one spherical and one cylindrical. A test subject sits inside the room and is subjected to various movements. These movements are programmable, repeatable and involve multiple axis of control of the entire room and chair occupied. For research purposes, the subject can be connected to various monitoring sensors to record symptoms and feedback during the motion tests. We built a solution in LabVIEW that communicated with emerson drive controllers for the motion control and logging over modbus. As well, we used a simple USB DAQ device to allow correlated data of sensors from the test subject that the operator has flexibility to connect up various sensors depending on the test they need to perform.

  • Programmable set of sequenced motions to use for repeatable scientific testing
  • High speed modbus based instrument communication with drives for motor control
  • Easy to use user interface, with configurable logging options using USB DAQ
  • Visual feedback and displays of the control systems as well as test subject sensor data points for live monitoring
  • Modbus communication allow the software to communicate with existing hardware design components
  • Software controlled experiments ensure repeatable conditions and test sequences that eliminate human error and variation from the tests performed
  • Flexible job setup allows the software to be used in a variety of scientific experiments
  • Safe operation of the equipment is ensure using safey interlocks and monitoring of the hardware equipment limits for automatic limit controls and emergency stop conditions
NI System Content
  • LabVIEW 2015
  • USB-6001 Multifunction DAQ

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