The tester is used for EOL, for fully and accuracy functional test and accessories detect of kinds of active/passive vehicle speed/position sensor.


Average System Cost: Above 79000

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The structure of the tester can divides to three parts: mechanical framework(with testing resources install in)\ rotating bench\testing modules, the testing modules connect to the rotating bench with uniform interface and customized fixture to match up different sensor with different shapes. The software platform is develop by Pansino ATE team and is very mature and approved by a lot of customers, the UI is Fridley and easily operating. The test items include Vcc/Icc/Isink/Isink/OP&RP/Vpp/Polarity/internal LCR/ Duty and other parameters needed, and also provide accessories detect function such O-ring/pin-length/blushing. All the testing content can be configed and data saved before/after running.

  • Applicable for speed/position/crankshaft/camshaft sensors testing
  • Suitable for varied principle sensors such as active two-line/active three-line with single power or dual power and so on
  • 8 stations in rotating bench, very suitable for large scaled sensor testing
  • Moduled station design, you only need to change the module to fit different type of sensor instead of producing a whole new tester
  • Automatic recognize the sensor under test and match testing sequence according the unique mark on the module
  • Provide professional testing item options based on rich industry experience, to help customer building scientific testing solution
  • Minimized the cost, resource reusing
  • Mature, stable, flexible software which has been proved by a bunch of customers
  • High test accuracy and repeatability and reproducibility, meet the requirement of MSA and GR&R, GR&R<10%
  • High test efficient, 6s-10s cycle time, meet the need of producing line
  • Very convenient for production management with many functions such as operation record, sample verified and Poka-yoke, easy to control the producing and testing quality.
NI System Content
  • PXI DAQ Module
  • PXI Scope
  • LabVIEW

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