Visual Inspection of Nuclear Lattice Tube Bore

Solution by: Prolucid Technologies Inc

Vision inspection solution of lattice tube bores in a nuclear reactor, which are scanned for any scratches, discoloration, or defects and logged for reporting.

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An vision inspection solution for lattice tube bores in a nuclear reactor. Our LabVIEW built application acquires the video feed and analyzes it in real-time to scan the bore for any scratches, discoloration, or defects, to ensure the integrity is intact. We handled rotation at fixed intervals and the scanning of the bore is motion tracked with the ability to dynamically resize the region of interest to account for eccentricity. The video feed is displayed to the user, recorded to file and analyzed in real time. The data is also processed from a series of captured images, into a stitched together panorama image of the bore surface for defect documentation and reporting.

  • An intuitive LabVIEW interface allows users to easily monitor and view results in real time
  • Configurable test parameters such as minimum defect size to detect, calibration of the cameras, and full control of the test sequence is allow users to easily manage a set of repeatable, accurate inspection tests
  • The video feed uses multi-frame averaging to eliminate any noise caused by nuclear radiation
  • Communication with Siemens PLC allows automated control of the camera position
  • Using NI Vision, all of the captured images are stitched together to create a smooth panorama of the entire bore surface
  • Saved video and reports can act as a pre-screening process, allowing inspectors to quickly identify bores which may need further analysis or repair
  • Automated vision inspection greatly speeds up the inspection process, from 5-10 minutes per bore when done manually to less than 2 minutes
  • Flexibility and LabVIEW's easy multi-threaded capability allow video capture, analysis, and recording to all occur simultaneously in real time
  • Stitched panorama of the bore surface allows inspectors to quickly view and identify detected defects
  • Improved documentation of results with consistent defect analysis and recorded images
NI System Content
  • LabVIEW 2015 64-bit
  • NI Vision
  • Report Generation Toolkit

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