Structural Health Monitoring platform

Solution by: I.R.S. s.r.l.

Portable And Long-Term Rugged Structural Monitoring Platform


Average System Cost: 2000-250000

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Our platform is a complete hardware-software structural health monitoring solution that allows to quickly define configuration, get data from sensors with different kinds of visualization, process data with professional structural analysis libraries, log data or send relevant information to clients via internet. The platform allows multiple and mixable sensors acquisition using the on board signal conditioning accelerometer, strain/load cell, tilt meter, LVDT, environmental sensor, camera, laser, optical fibers. Structural-X platform has two main configuration: Structural-X Monitoring, specifically suited for long term and in situ applications as monitoring of historical or significant buildings, monitoring of foundation, bridges, dams and tunnels. Structural-X Lab, the portable release of Structural-X for laboratory tests and one shot structural assessments.

  • Civil structure application
  • Laboratory application
  • Bridge application
  • Static and dynamic measurements
  • On-line data computation: filtering, modal analysis
  • Installation & Cloud Service
NI System Content
  • NI CompactRIO
  • NI CompactDAQ
  • NI WSN (Wireless Sensor Network)

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