PXI based aircraft hydraulic test rig

Solution by: Amfax Limited

Amfax developed a hydraulic test bench to test the performance and functionality of hydraulic components used on the Eurofighter aircraft

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The purpose of hydraulic test rig project was to provide a software solution to control a hydraulic test bench and execute sequences to test the performance and functionality of hydraulic components from the Eurofighter aircraft. Amfax developed the solution in conjunction with a hydraulic equipment manufacturer to design and develop both the software and the hardware. The resulting system was a generic test platform which allowed the end customers to strip and test Eurofighter hydraulic components without having to send them back to the manufacturer. This vastly reduced the costs for supporting operational aircraft.

  • Distributed real time control system using the latest innovations from National Instruments
  • Design allows for switchable / isolatable hydraulic power supplies
  • The safety critical system is built around an NI-PXI RT controller and LabVIEW RT.
  • Step by step limits and custom control conditions sequenced using NI TestStand
  • End user can rework and test components locally
  • Reduces component support costs
  • End user can accommodate and design custom pump control loops using a PID implementation
NI System Content
  • NI LabVIEW Real Time
  • NI TestStand
  • NI PXI
  • NI PXI Scope
  • NI PXI Digital I/O

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