TestValet - Test Lab Workflow Management Software

Solution by: VI Engineering, Inc.

TestValet provides automation of test management activities from requests to test reports and metrics. The system is driven by a robust relational database management system.


Average System Cost: $50,000 - $100,000

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Managing the workflow associated with test labs can be difficult. Labs deal with pressure from product development groups to test quickly while still adhering to quality standards. Labs have the responsibility to maximize through-put, but have limited ability to optimize schedules based on equipment availability and resource limitations. V I Engineering has been delivering both physical test equipment and workflow automation software for over 18 years, and understands the pressures associated with effectively managing a test lab. TestValet provides a web-based solution to effectively manage the workflow, optimize schedules, centralize data and reports, and track utilization while providing an automated solution to ensure you are compliant with your quality process.TestValet takes the guess work out of managing your test lab.

  • USER BASED DASHBOARDS—TestValet provides unique dashboards depending on the user type and responsibilities.
  • TEST REQUEST WIZARD - Easily create new test re-quests from templates, previous tests, or from scratch. TestValet navigates the user through the request pro-cess.
  • SCHEDULING MODULE - Allows lab managers to as-semble schedules based on personnel or test equip-ment. Gives requesting engineer visibility into schedules for their specific tests.
  • ANALYSIS & REPORTING - For standard test types, TestValet can automatically run standard analysis rou-tines, prepare the data ,and create a final report.
  • DOCUMENT CONTROL - Centralize the information required to run a test lab, from work instructions to quali-ty standards, in a revision controlled database.
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