LED indication Tester

Solution by: ASTI Electronics Corporation

Checking LED display on board by camera USB3.0

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Almost home appliances use LED to display data and status of equipment operation on the screen. It could be very dangerous If the LED do not show/display the correct function and it may cause wrong operation of the equipment. So that, it is very important to check if LED display the correct function. If the workers check by their eyes, this error can be passed easily. If we use camera to check this kind of error, absolutely 100% of error can be found.

  • Quality of LED can be controlled
  • The device can be checked by colors in combination
  • Sample taking speed : 14fps
  • Only use 1 PC and Camera USB3.0
  • 100% of LED display error can be found
  • Reduce checking time for workers
  • Simple system but low cost
NI System Content
  • Camera,Basler ace,acA640-120uc,659x494,120 fps,Color
  • LabVIEW 2015
  • NI Vision Runtime

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