Metal object Inspection & Measurement

Solution by: CCM Electronic Engineering (DK)

The machine is able to sort turned metal objects at a very high rate, using a robot, and a 8 station round table


Average System Cost: $200,000.00

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The system automatically loads turned objects with a robot, and inspects them for burrs, debris, scratches, dents. Furthermore the system measures internal diameter, and an internal depth The system replaces more persons that needs to inspect all items before shipment, and eliminates the possibility of human error in the sorting process. The system is built using LabVIEW, cRIO, Vision module, and robot library for Denso robots. The machine was effectively delivered, and after forseeable run-in the machine has been in operation for several months now, without any unexpected stops. Delivery of the machine in this case was performed in only 12 weeks after order!

  • Very high capacity ( inspects one item / 5 sec. 720 / h)
  • Short project schedule
  • Increase yield
  • Faults do not reach customer
  • Saves human repetitive work labour
NI System Content
  • cRIO
  • Vision development module
  • LabVIEW

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