Multi Instrument Control and Acquisition System

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MICAS-X is a highly-configurable data acquisition, control, and logger program. It is readily-extensible and provides for efficient development of data acquisition systems and experiment automation.


Average System Cost: 5,000 - 25,000

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MICAS-X is LabVIEW software for rapid development of data acquisition and control systems. It is readily extensible and configurable to a wide variety of requirements. MICAS-X contains extensive functionality needed by most data acquisition and control systems, such as sequencing, alarming, error logging, file writing, and more. Support for NI and MCC hardware and NI CompactRIO embedded platforms is built-in. MICAS-X is highly modular, allowing it to be configured with only those plug-ins that are needed. Most importantly, the modular architecture simplifies the integration of custom LabVIEW plug-ins for the specific needs of each system. MICAS-X has been extensively used for atmospheric instrumentation, but can be applied to a wide range of requirements, especially in science and engineering R&D.

  • Extensive range of out-of-the-box functionality
  • Highly configurable - easily adapts to changing requirements, new experiments or systems
  • Easily integrates with Real-Time embedded systems for high system reliability and determinism
  • Support for a wide range of hardware
  • Custom development also available from vendor
  • Greatly accelerates development
  • Broad range of built-in functionality
  • Well-documented APIs for developing custom plug-ins
  • Robust, well-tested code that is in use with many customers
  • Excels in dynamic environments with constantly changing requirements
NI System Content
  • LabVIEW 2015
  • LabVIEW RT
  • CompactDAQ
  • CompactRIO
  • NIDAQmx

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