Failure analysis Lab for Automotive Semi Lab

Solution by: Anora LLC

Full turnkey solution which include PXI instrumentation selection, DUT board design, API libraries and test solution implementation using C,C++,LabVIEW and TestStand integration.


Average System Cost: $25K-$90K

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The deliverable to the customer was a system that would address the full compliment of testing requirements for 10s of existing manual device interface boards. The design reused existing manual setups in the FA LAB. The TURNKEY solution provided:Collaboration on hardware interfaces between NI PXIe instrumentation and external instrumentation for the said fixture set-ups. The deliverables also provided Software architecture; which Engineered Standard Modules reusable for future FA requirements. The deliverables also included full integration and demonstration of the system against a smart solenoid driver utilizing all Instrumentation and newly designed interface hardware, TestStand Sequencing as well as Support & Training. Follow-up assistance and training was also included in the turnkey solution.

  • Complete LabVIEW,TestStand sequence integrated
  • Full automation
  • Single Insertion
  • Full automation
  • Efficiency in Failure Analysis
  • Sustainable and Reusable code
  • General failure analysis via PXI, and GPIB instrumentation integration with other third party hardware, and automation via LabVIEW and TestStand.
NI System Content
  • LabVIEW
  • TestStand
  • PXI
  • SMU 4139
  • DIO 6556
  • AWG 5402
  • Switch matrix 2531
  • FPGA 7825R
  • BK Precision PS XLN6024
  • BK Precision Load MDL305
  • AP Audio Analyzer AT-1
  • Pickering 10 A ZMR Switch
  • Digitizer 5162

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