A Digital Multi-Channel XY Plotter

Solution by: Austin Consultants Ltd

A PC-based fully functioning XY Plotter capable of undertaking all the traditional jobs of an XY Plotter, time-base recorder and automated tester.

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The Digital XY Plotter by Austin Consultants is a direct translation of a traditional XY plotter except it is computerized software instead of a physical machine. The software uses the same terminology and has several features that make it easy to set up and maintain. The Digital XY Plotter runs on any PC or laptop, so it is portable. Its 16-bit resolution provides more accurate results than a traditional pen plotter, and you can zoom in for a clearer view of your results. The Digital XY Plotter also measures voltage and current and is ideal for the following types of test: flow and travel testing, flow and pressure testing, frequency response, hysteresis testing, linearity testing, repetition testing, mechanical actuation testing.

  • Produces a PDF or JPEG of your trace
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Runs on any PC
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for easy sharing & digital filing
  • Eliminates the cost of the paper and ink associated with traditional XY plotters
  • For ease of use and portability, you can optimize the system for touch screen devices such as tablets
NI System Content
  • Designed to work with NI data acquisition instruments

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