GPower is an engineering company specializing in integrating NI hardware and software within your domain. LabVIEW and TestStand for Desktop, Real-Time, FPGA, and automation.

GPower delivers high quality products and consulting services in the fields of data acquisition, data generation, control systems, simulators, and automation. Our main objectives are continuous honing of our skills and improvement of the building blocks we use to get you faster to your goal. With many engineers certified at architect level, a certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer, and a LabVIEW Champion in-house, we are well equipped to take on the most complex projects. Our specialties are TestStand test architectures and LabVIEW applications of any size, especially distributed Real-Time and FPGA systems. Come speak with us - we are as serious as you are when it comes to your project.

Services Offered
Complementary Products - Software, Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration
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Hinnerup, Denmark (Headquarters)

Address: Samsoevej 21, Hinnerup
Phone Number: +45-2970-8900

Services Offered
Complementary Products - Software, Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration
ATE/Instrumentation, Energy/Power, Industrial Controls/Devices/Systems
Application Area
Data Acquisition, Generation, Embedded Systems, Test and Measurement
NI Hardware
CompactDAQ/Modular DAQ Systems, CompactRIO/Modular Embedded, PXI/Modular Instruments
NI Software
LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time, TestStand
Certified LabVIEW Architect Certified LabVIEW Developer Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer
2 1 1
Certified LabWindows/CVI Developer Certified Professional Instructor Certified TestStand Architect
1 2
Certified TestStand Developer
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Case Studies

  • R&D simulators for Siemens Wind Power
    Simulating 1000 ton wind turbines with LabVIEW Real-Time/FPGA and PXI.
  • Autoclave testing for Sirona Dental
    Improving quality and reducing production cost of dentist medical equipment.
  • Training simulators for Siemens Wind Power
    Using wind turbine simulators worldwide for training of commissioning and service crews.
  • Test framework for DEIF
    Decoupling process from DUT with TestStand.


LabVIEW Tools Network

  • Expression Parser
    Convert math from text to numbers in your LabVIEW program at runtime. More than 260 functions and constants supported.
  • GPower reuse libraries
    GPower reuse libraries add a variety of high-quality functions to your LabVIEW development environment. Array, error-handling, math, overflow arithmetic, timing, and VI registers to name a few.