10X Engineering LLC

Our company is a technology innovator and a premier developer of microwave, RF, and high-speed ATE test systems.

10X Engineering LLC, founded in 2013, is an NI Alliance Partner with the knowledge and experience to deliver innovative engineering solutions for RF product (units, devices, components) quality and line testing, custom-designed automated test equipment (ATE) system assembly, verification, and development. Our solutions cover a variety of industrial sectors such as RF software defined radio, radiolocation, spectrum monitoring, and more. For every request we receive, we follow procedures for technical and software functional requirements clarification, RF measurement methodology selection, and hardware configurations. If needed, we take responsibility to prove a concept and demonstrate the flexibility and reliability of our solution.

Services Offered
Defined Systems and Solutions, New Product Development & Design, System Integration
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Silver Alliance Partner
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Yerevan, Armenia (Headquarters)

Address: Avan Arindj, 1 microreg. 2/13, Yerevan
Phone Number: +37477212193

Services Offered
Defined Systems and Solutions, New Product Development & Design, System Integration
RF/Communications, Telecommunication
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RF, Test and Measurement
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RF and Wireless
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RF and Wireless
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LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA, Switch Executive, TestStand
Certified LabVIEW Architect Certified LabVIEW Developer Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer
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Certified TestStand Developer
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Case Studies

  • Multichannel RF Transceiver Unit ATE System
    We developed the multichannel RF transceiver (RX, TX) unit ATE system to be flexible with a simple user interface and unified database that can significantly improve the reliability and speed of the testing process. We decreased testing time by up to 10X. The ATE system took us five months to organize, develop, program, and install at the customer site. Due to our speed and quality, this client became a repeat customer.
  • Noise Figure Measurement System Y factor
    With this approach, our customer can use a VSA for both NF and other RF measurements instead of buying special stand-alone hardware for concrete NF measurement. The NFMT installation package we developed includes a driver (fully integrated in user program) and a user-friendly noise figure software front panel for fast measurements.
  • Multichannel Frequency Synthesizer ATE System
    It took our team 4.5 months to organize the project, design the ATE system architecture, develop, program, and install the system at the customer site. Using our ATE system, the customer can decrease the testing time by up to 30X and measure 25 parameters for 10-channel and 400 frequency steps (10 MHz to 6.6 GHz).
  • GNSS Record and Playback System
    Our first and most important challenge was to develop a portable system for outside use, implementing records of GNSS signals and long-term carrier trajectory. The system needed to playback recorded data in other sites such as laboratories and building

Turn Key Systems

  • Mining Haul Traffic and Jaw Crusher Automation
    In mining, the crushers are energy-hungry pieces of equipment, so optimizing drive and management system makes good economic sense, meantime the control of equipment and personnel safety in the dumping area are the most important. We offer intelligent system, where for haul truck traffic control and dumping procedure regulations two traffic lights are proposed. The system controls traffic light colors depending on both number of trucks in dumping area both the status of Jaw crusher (whether it can facilitate unloading of a haul truck - connected with volume of raw in pocket).
  • Radar Signal Generator
    he system supports a variety of signal generation with precise control over output power, amplitude envelope, and modulation. The high compatibility with external systems is guaranteed due to the flexible hardware and software combination. The radar signal generator includes non-interconnected components, an ultra-low phase noise frequency synthesizer, and a waveform generator.
  • Phase Noise Cross-Correlation Measurement System Based on NI Vector Signal Analyzers
    Phase noise cross-correlation measurement system implementation on two vector signal analyzers (VSAs) using 10X Engineering special software, developed in LabVIEW environment.
  • Digital and Analog Tachograph Automated Test System
    Automated test system to implement end-of-line testing for digital and analog tachographs both in production and repair modes.


LabVIEW Tools Network

  • Noise Figure measurement Toolkit Y-method
    The Noise Figure Measurement Toolkit by 10X Engineering helps you make a noise figure (NF) measurement on NI PXI vector signal analyzers (VSAs) with the Y-factor technique. This technique calculates the noise figure and gain of the device under test (for example, LNAs, mixers, and RX paths). The Y-factor technique is one of the most widely used methods for noise figure measurement because it offers clear realizations and exact measurement results.