Amaynotech, Software solution integrator, Morocco. Experience in embedded systems, electronic communications, SCADA, and process automation.Helping our clients to deploy Cost-effective, Smart and Efficient Solutions

AMAYNOTECH was founded in October 2010. We are solution provider operating mainly in and around embedded systems: 1. Embedded systems design, verification and validation (Hardware and Software). 2. Electronic solutions design, integration and validation. 3. FPGA-based systems design, verification and validation. AMAYNOTECH SARL-AU provided and still providing solutions for: 1. Industry: a. Custom electronic board design (hardware and software). b. Systems Test and validation. d. Process Automation: PLC, actuators, Sensors, Wireless networks. e. SCADA design and integration for monitoring, control and real-time logging. g. Visualization: HMI, Web application, Mobile application. h. Integration to ERP. 2. Smart distributed machines interconnection: a. Connected smart machines remote control and supervision. b. Real cases developed for sports and agriculture and lab machines. c. IoT

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Defined Systems and Solutions, Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration
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Rabat, Morocco (Headquarters)

Address: 9 Avenue Hassan II, Rue Mokhtar Soussi, Rabat
Phone Number: +212666737711

Services Offered
Defined Systems and Solutions, Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration
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Data Acquisition, Generation, Embedded Systems
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