Optimal Plus

Optimal+ provides big data analytics solutions that measurably increase product yield and quality with greater efficiency, based solely on manufacturing test data.

Optimal+ is a global provider of Manufacturing Intelligence software solutions, enabling semiconductor and electronics companies to seamlessly aggregate, organize and act upon the global manufacturing and test data they generate across their internal and external supply chains to measurably improve yield, quality and productivity. The company’s real-time, Big Data analytics solutions are deployed in virtually every major foundry and OSAT currently serving the semiconductor ecosystem, processing tens of billions of chips every year on behalf of its customers and ushering in an era of unprecedented supply chain visibility that translates into strong and measurable ROI.

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San Jose, California, United States (Headquarters)

Address: 2107 North First Street, Suite 310, San Jose, California
Phone Number: 800-685-2127

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  • Global Ops for Semiconductor
    Global Ops for Semiconductor is our flagship solution for maximizing yield, efficiency and quality in semiconductor manufacturing operations.
  • Escape Prevention
    Escape Prevention comprises a powerful set of deterministic algorithms to address test process and operational issues to prevent test escapes