IPSES S.r.l.

IPSES designs hardware, firmware and software solutions for testing and measure, industrial automation and process control. Its expertises are: RF, real-time, digital and analogical signals.

IPSES works in the field of advanced technologies for testing, RF systems, industrial automation, control and measure applications. It designs and develops innovative hardware, firmware and software in close contact with client, determining needs and requirements, for truly effective and targeted solutions, ensuring high quality, design flexibility, customizable cost and development time, long-term support and maintenance. IPSES has a Wide knowledge of all National Instruments platforms and wide experience in using and integrating NI hardware (CompactRIO, PXI, CAN, DAQ, etc.) and software (LabWindows/CVI, LabView and TestStand). Furthermore, IPSES provided itself with a quality management system based on a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

Services Offered
Complementary Products - Hardware, Defined Systems and Solutions, System Integration
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Silver Alliance Partner
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Cesate, Italy (Headquarters)

Address: Via Suor Lazzarotto, 10, Cesate
Phone Number: 02 39449519
Fax Number: 02 700403170

Services Offered
Complementary Products - Hardware, Defined Systems and Solutions, System Integration
Aerospace/Avionics, ATE/Instrumentation, Machine Vision/Imaging, RF/Communications
Application Area
Embedded Systems, RF, Test and Measurement, Vision
NI Hardware
CompactRIO/Modular Embedded, PXI/Modular Instruments, RF and Wireless, Vision Systems and Hardware
NI Software
LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW Real-Time, LabWindows/CVI, TestStand
Certified LabVIEW Architect Certified LabVIEW Developer Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer
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Certified LabWindows/CVI Developer Certified Professional Instructor Certified TestStand Architect
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Certified TestStand Developer
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Company People
ISO 9001 Professional Engineer
Project Management Professional - PMI

Case Studies

  • Development of a satellite delay emulation system through boards equipped with user-programmable FPGA
    Project based on NI LabVIEW and PXIe-5641R board, equipped with two IF outputs and two inputs (all with real-time bandwidth of 20MHz and maximum frequency of 80MHz), a 128MB RAM and a NIFPGA board Xilinx Virtex-5 SX95T fully programmable and with direct connection to the output DAC and the ADC input.
  • Analizzatore di pacchetti per test di regressione su protocollo eBUS tramite integrazione del linguaggio di scripting LUA
    Tool realizzato tramite NI LabVIEW in grado di analizzare i dati dei file di log e identificare le violazioni delle regole previste dall’eBUS sfruttando un set di script per linguaggio LUA. Tale tecnologia di scripting è stata integrata nel tool per rendere il set di regole customizzabile da parte dell’utente finale senza ricompilazione del tool di analisi.
  • Unified system for characterization of bitumens and asphalts based on NI Compact RIO and NI LabVIEW
    system for the physical and mechanical characterization of bitumens and asphalts by tests of resistance and durability (In Italian)
  • System for the characterization of earth samples by cyclical and dynamical tests
    System with three closed loops (PID) based on real-time architecture that controls loads and pressures in a short and reliable times, so to manage the high forces which are involved in the test. (In Italian)

Turn Key Systems

  • Simulation system of GPS constellation for synchronization and timing applications based on PXI and LabVIEW
    Stand-alone system, based on PXI platform, with the possibility to easily use external clock, able to manage and configure any GPS constellation, to generate the corresponding suitably modulated signal in the L1 band (1575.42 MHz) and allow the run-timemodification of the main parameters of each received GPS satellite such as power or even just its presence. (In Italian)
  • System for the simulation and generation of naval radar and meteorological signals based on PXI and LabVIEW for the validation and characterization of wireless BRAN devices
    Stand-alone system, based on the PXI platform, equipped with an I/Q modulator and an upconverter able to directly generate all the different types of radar signals provided by law through an intuitive user interface managed by a PC. (In Italian)
  • System for the monitoring and characterization of devices for time generation and frequency based on LabVIEW and sbRIO
    Embedded stand-alone system for the monitoring and characterization of reference systems of time and frequency with an accuracy of less than 10 ns, able to operate autonomously for at least three months, keeping track of all the measurements carried out and allowing the complete monitoring and remote control. (in Italian)
  • Platform for functional and vision test of Smart Energy Meter boards for single-phase network energy meters
    Modular and scalable test platform based on NI PXI that integrates measurement instruments, pneumatics and cameras for vision tests. The sequence, developed with NI TestStand and NI LabVIEW, manages all equipments and allows parallel testing of four DUT.


LabVIEW Tools Network

  • ViTest for NI TestStand
    ViTest by IPSES is a powerful software library especially designed for fast implementation of vision tests using TestStand. The library can be installed as TestStand step types, making immediately available advanced analysis and image processing features, facilitating vision tests in automatic testing.