Clemessy, designer and integrator in the fields of electrical engineering, process automation and mechanised systems.

Within the Energy branch of the Eiffage group, fifth group in the European concessions and public works sector, Clemessy offers all the skills required to design, integrate, install, maintain and improve systems and equipment in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. By supporting internal synergies and developing everybody’s skills, Clemessy fulfils a very wide variety of requirements, whether it be for new works or maintenance work.

Services Offered
Cabling and Fixturing, Mechanical Design, System Integration
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MULHOUSE, France (Headquarters)

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Services Offered
Cabling and Fixturing, Mechanical Design, System Integration
Aerospace/Avionics, Automotive, Energy/Power, Machines/Mechanics, Manufacturing, Mechatronics
Application Area
3rd Party Integration, Automation, Control, Data Acquisition, Generation, Digital Buses, Protocols, Test and Measurement
NI Hardware
CompactRIO/Modular Embedded, Industrial Communication Buses, Industrial PCs, Multifunction Data Acquisition, PXI/Modular Instruments, Single-board RIO/Board-Level Embedded
NI Software
LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW Real-Time, NI Linux ® Real-Time, TestStand, VeriStand
Certified LabVIEW Architect Certified LabVIEW Developer Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer
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Certified LabWindows/CVI Developer Certified Professional Instructor Certified TestStand Architect
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Certified TestStand Developer
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Case Studies

  • Rénovation soufflerie Eurocopter
    Clemessy s’est vu confier la rénovation du système de pilotage du banc, de la partie acquisition, ainsi que le renouvellement des actionneurs hydrauliques. L’objectif était alors de remplacer les organes identifiés comme obsolètes par du matériel pérenne. Un nouveau système de pilotage dédié a également été mis au point. Le chantier de rénovation impliquait le remplacement d’une partie du matériel et une refonte de l’ensemble de la partie logicielle.
  • Airbus - Functionnal Integration Bench
    Engineering and building the integration benches for the aircraft subsystems. These benches host the equipment (computers, man-machine interfaces) and reproduce on the ground the electrical architectures. Connected to simulators they are used for the validation and integration tests. Supplying 10 benches dedicated to the following systems: Control Guidance Integration Benches (3 units) 2 R&D benches on the new avionic network architectures: IRHEDO and SCARLETT Power Switching, Flight Warning System FSA NG Backup (3 units)
  • CEAT - Monitoring & control of the brake test machine on civilian or military aircraft
    Engineering, design, building & installation of the system making it possible to prepare a test, to perform it in manual or automatic mode with stress and position control, archive and utilize the data relating to the braking tests on an aircraft wheel.
  • Automotive - ECU Validation Test Bench
    Building a test bench making it possible to characterise part of the vehicle’s electrical network and its various pieces of equipment. The bench will make it possible to integrate various types of batteries but also other active components and to check their dynamics in the various configurations they are used in (Stop & Start, cold start ...). Within the framework of this project, the functionalities of the TestInView tool will be widely implemented in order to have an open-ended and user-friendly test environment based on test applications developed using National Instruments and The Matworks (Models) products.

Turn Key Systems

  • Automotive Multimedia Touchpanel Tester
    Based on TIV, Clemessy provides a turn-key solution to validate touch-screens embedded in vehicles. It uses a 6-axis robot to simulate the movements of the user on the screen (drag-an-drop, multi-touch..)
  • On-board equipment simulation facilities - TestInView
    Designing and building a means of implementing a System for Controlling Thrust Vector. The MEOTVC test facility has to make it possible to simulate the behaviour of some HIL equipment (Hardware In the Loop).
  • Thalès - Geti
    Designing and building an electrical distribution and power switching system for an R&D test bench. This bench acts on the dynamic management of the electrical and thermal power in a plane. The system simulates the various configurations of on-board power networks and manages in real time the safety of the transitions between these configurations.
  • Airbus - H0- X4 Power trains
    Mechanical and electrical study, management and supply of 6 power trains for charging starters, generators and pumps. These power trains are incorporated into a unit which reproduces the architecture and the structure of a complete helicopter (Ironbird H0), to carry out the tests when simulating the X4 programme.


LabVIEW Tools Network

  • TestInView
    Clemessy developed the TIV system for design and validation of electronic systems during MIL, SIL & HIL phases. TIV helps significantly boost productivity, while enhancing test scope and quality. This is important at a time when computers and electronics are playing an increasingly key role in all vehicle, aircraft and spacecraft.
    Engineering and building a modular monitoring & control, simulation and acquisition system for the tests on the electrical systems and equipment. This system is adapted to testing the new concepts and architecture of power networks on-board planes: integration, disturbance/distortion & energy quality, propagation of failures, network stability tests. The objective is to qualify the maturity of the new technologies making it possible to develop planes which rely less on fossil fuels and have a reduced carbon footprint.


  • Actuators Test Rig for Ironbird
    Test and qualify aircraft linear and rotary actuators. Clemessy owns a standard platform to build test rigs for R&D and Production Line tests.