Software solutions for industrial automation and industry 4.0.

Our mission is to help customers to innovate, improve efficiencies and to implement industry 4.0, with the most advanced technology for smart manufacturing. Our software technology is architected from the ground up to deliver a high-precision, easy integration with third part solutions, short time to market and to guarantee long life to customer applications. We deliver unique products quickly and cost-effectively. With more than 20 year of experience with National Instruments products, we know what it takes to build complex software products that exceed expectations. We are always up to date on the latest technology trends. If you need help in making your factory a Smart Factory to realize the full potential of Industry 4.0, contact us.

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Complementary Products - Hardware, Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration
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Castel Mella, Italy (Headquarters)

Address: Via Padania, 16, Castel Mella
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Services Offered
Complementary Products - Hardware, Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration
Industrial Controls/Devices/Systems
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NI Hardware
CompactDAQ/Modular DAQ Systems, CompactRIO/Modular Embedded
NI Software
Certified LabVIEW Architect Certified LabVIEW Developer Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer
Certified LabWindows/CVI Developer Certified Professional Instructor Certified TestStand Architect
Certified TestStand Developer
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Case Studies

  • MTA - Making monitoring for fuses tests easier with a single application
    MTA Spa is a leading company in the design and production of electronic and electromechanic components for the automotive, the off-highway and race industry. It needed a software for testing fuses during the development and production process.
  • BMC Elettrica - A well-conceived solution to monitor foundry ovens in an extremely easy way
    BMC Elettrica, a leader company in supplying, among the others, aluminium extrusion companies and foundries, required an extremely easy solution to monitor foundry ovens.
  • Carlisle - System to measure temperature distribution on brake discs
    Carlisle Brake & Friction, a worldwide company leader in designing and producing brake, clutch and transmission solutions, needed a monitoring software for a test stand in the Research and Development laboratory.
  • Walvoil - iDaq allows to automate test on hydraulic devices
    Walvoil S.p.A., a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic valves and complete mechatronic systems designed for mobile equipment, needs to automate some fundamentals procedures. Some of those are to perform durability tests on hydraulic devices, to perform specific tests to evaluate functional characteristics of prototypes and to gather information about product performance.


LabVIEW Tools Network

  • SCCT
    With the Smartphone and Cross-Platform Communication Toolkit (SCCT) from Tools for Smart Minds (T4SM), you can create open solutions capable of exchanging data among a wide range of systems--from smartphones to Java apps and UNIX workstations.
  • iDaq
    iDaq is the most intuitive and innovative solution to acquire signals from Nation Instrument-based test benches and lab tests. iDaq is the perfect datalogger for non-technical users who want to visualize and store signals without configuring their hardware details.