Saint Bernard Engineering, Inc.

We are a provider of test, monitoring and automation systems. With our high level of experience, we back our solutions with a 12 month warranty.

Saint Bernard Engineering is a top-tier provider of test, monitoring and automation systems. We enjoy challenging projects and provide services that cover the entire process from defining the problem to finding the most cost effective solution. Clients benefit from long term cost savings and robust solutions that are backed by our warranty, which includes 12 months of free bug fixes. Our senior engineers each have 20+ years of experience developing complex systems, including in the medical device industry. When specialized knowledge is required, even small projects can count on support from our entire team, who hold advanced degrees in biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and physics. Contact us and we would be happy to discuss your project.

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Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration
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Shoreview, Minnesota, United States (Headquarters)

Address: 3570 Lexington Ave N, Suite 303, Shoreview, Minnesota
Phone Number: 651-204-6528

Services Offered
Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration
NI Software
Certified LabVIEW Architect Certified LabVIEW Developer Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer
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Certified LabWindows/CVI Developer Certified Professional Instructor Certified TestStand Architect
Certified TestStand Developer
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Case Studies

  • Using LabVIEW to Improve the Quality of RFID Tags for Fish Migration Studies
    The case study describes an automated system testing RFID tags for fish migration studies. Includes synchronized motion, vision, RF signal acquisition and analysis.