Revolutionary Engineering, Inc.

Revolutionary Engineering offers dynamometer based test system solutions, testing services, turnkey test systems for automotive industry. RE为汽车行业提供了基于测功机的测试系统解决方案、测试服务、交钥匙测试系统

Revolutionary Engineering has been innovating and partnering with testing clients to deliver dynamometer-based testing solutions for nearly a decade. As a systems integrator, Revolutionary Engineering designs, builds, installs, and services dynamometer testing systems. In addition, Revolutionary Engineering offers testing services and expertise to meet the most rigorous client testing needs. We use our state-of-the-art facility to test client components — from individual parts to full drive-line systems. And we accomplish all this by employing the best engineers, technical specialists, and project managers in the business. 近十年来,RE始终凭借创新的技术和完善的服务,致力于为客户提供以测功机为核心的测试解决方案。作为系统集成商,RE能够提供集专业设计、制造、安装和测试服务为一体的统包服务。此外,RE还提供测试服务和技术咨询以满足客户最严格的测试需求。我们使用最先进的设备为客户提供组件测试 - 从单个部件到完整的传动系统。同时我们的专业工程师、技术专员及项目经理将以其丰富的经验、专业的实力为这些实验的顺利进行提供保障。

Services Offered
Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, Mechanical Design, System Integration
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Livonia, Michigan, United States (Headquarters)

Address: 36865 Schoolcraft Rd, Ste 1, Livonia, Michigan
Phone Number: 734-432-9334

Shanghai, China

Address: Bldg 4, 8 Yuanshun Road, Nanhui Datuan Town, Pudong district, Shanghai, Shanghai
Phone Number: 021-60455948*8015
Fax Number: 021-60455949

Services Offered
Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, Mechanical Design, System Integration
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Data Acquisition, Generation, Test and Measurement
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Case Studies

  • Valvetrain Dynamics Mesurement System 气门动力测量系统
    High speed data acquisition and synchronization for engine valvetrain lifts, velocities and strain 对于发动机气门升降、速度和压力的高速数据采集和同步
  • Drive Quality and Fuel Economy Testing 驱动质量和燃油经济性测试
    Vehicle losses,road load simulation,gradeability testing,fuel economy testing 车辆损失、道路负载模拟、爬坡能力测试,燃油经济性测试
  • Hybrid PEC charger system 混合型PEC充电系统
    Customized battery charging system for hybrid vehicle's power electronics carrier (PEC) 对混合动力汽车的电力电子载体(PEC)定制的电池充电系统
  • High-Altitude Engine Emissions Testing 高海拔发动机排放测试
    High-Altitude Emissions Testing on Engine Dyno including multitude of instrumentation - CAN,INCA,smoke meter, soot sensor 发动机测功机,包括CAN、INCA、烟度计、烟尘传感器等众多仪器的高海拔排放测试

Turn Key Systems

  • Driveline Performance Test System 传动系统性能测试台
    Performance and durability testing for engine,torque converter, transmission and axle systems 发动机、变矩器、变速箱及车桥系统的性能及耐久试验
  • Integrated Electric Powertrain Test System 动力总成测试系统
    Integrated Electric Powertrain prototype testing - thermal,key life,efficiency map testing 集成的电动动力总成系统测试 - 热效、关键寿命、效率试验
  • NVH Test System 噪音振动测试系统
    Chassis dynamometer testing for noise, vibration and harshness - brake noise,sound quality and drive quality 底盘测功机噪声、振动和舒适性测试 - 刹车噪音、音质和驱动质量


PXI, C Series, FlexRIO Modules

  • Revolutionary Engineering Pro-System (REPS)
    Complete data acquisition and control system in one package, powerful, flexible, configurable system based on NI-PXI real time and EtherCAT IO REPS标配软件包里包含完整的数据采集和控制系统,功能强大,灵活,基于NI-PXI实时和EtherCAT IO的配置系统