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We offer solutions for your measurement or control projects related to LabVIEW or any other product of National Instruments, from feasibility studies to the full solution development, code refactoring, design of the optimal architecture, consulting, training and support. Tell us your project, we should adapt our offers, services and methodologies to your particular needs.

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Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration, Training
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Majadahonda, Spain (Headquarters)

Address: Calle Fragata 21, 2B, Majadahonda
Phone Number: 636189886

Services Offered
Hourly Consulting - NI LabVIEW, System Integration, Training
Industrial Controls/Devices/Systems
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Case Studies

  • Sistema de Control Multiensayo y Multipuesto de Ensayos de Suelos
    Banco de ensayo que nos que nos permita ejecutar de forma totalmente automática ensayos de mecánica de suelos.
  • Measurement System for Aircraft Noise
    Distribuited system that allows to measure aircraft noise with 12 microphones, distributed at both sides of a runway in a line with an approximate length of 1500 mts.
  • Software para monitorización y control de deformaciones en ingeniería civil
    Control de deformaciones mediante estaciones totales robotizadas y GPS topográficos. Con capacidad para georreferenciar sobre una imagen la representación de los dispositivos de medida y puntos de control necesarios e informar al usuario de manera intuitiva y rigurosa.


PXI, C Series, FlexRIO Modules