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Automated semiconductor chip based handling Test System

Amfax Limited


Amfax designed, built, commissioned and installed twelve automated chip based handling Test Systems throughout Europe and the USA.




Improving Pilot Display Unit (PDU) testing

Amfax Limited


Amfax delivers a new generic ATE for testing aerospace pilot display unit modules. The system enables testing of all module types using the same tester




Laser based 3D populated PCBA inspection solution

Amfax Limited


a3Di is a high performance inspection machine for testing and inspecting populated PCBs. The system uses NI's LabVIEW and compactRIO for system control




Low cost, high speed 5x8 RF switch matrix

Amfax Limited


Rack mounted RF switch unit designed to allow vastly reduced tooling costs for mobile phone manufacturing facilities. Includes full set of LabVIEW drivers.




Low frequency Power Amplifier testing

Amfax Limited


Amfax in conjunction with the NI account team have developed a low frequency analyser with an low noise floor measurements capable of testing power amplifiers




PXI based aircraft hydraulic test rig

Amfax Limited


Amfax developed a hydraulic test bench to test the performance and functionality of hydraulic components used on the Eurofighter aircraft




PXI based railway signal control test system

Amfax Limited


Amfax designed and built both the test system and the fixture used for final product testing of the EBiTrack400 product range.




AST-1000 Averna Signal Tester



This software-defined solution is ideal for testing all common RF and GNSS signals used in infotainment systems, and it easily evolves as client needs change.




RP-6100 Multi-Channel RF Record & Playback



The RP-6100 records real-world signals like GNSS, HD Radio and WiFi/LTE – plus impairments – to advance your RF projects. Portable, desktop and rackmount models.




RP-6500 Wideband RF Record & Playback



This solution is all-in-one RF Record & Playback Solution with Real-Time GNSS Simulator and SATCOM signal generator to support advanced SatNav applications.




Battery Management System (BMS) Test Platform



Our BMS test solutions cover the complete BMS product development lifecycle from benchtop simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing, through validation and manufacturing functional test.




Bloomy Simulation Reference System



The Bloomy Simulation Reference System provides a hardware in-the-loop (HIL) test environment for dynamic, closed-loop testing of many aerospace and transportation control systems.




Environmental Control System Test Platform



Real-time HIL test of environmental control systems for airframes




FADEC/EEC Test Platform



Real-time HIL test of engine control units for rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft




Flight Control System Test Platform



Real-time HIL test of flight control systems for rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft




NI Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Test System



The NI HIL Test System incorporates NI platforms and architectures along with Bloomy transducer simulation modules and interconnects to provide cost-effective real-time test solutions.




Universal Electronic Functional Test Platform



Bloomy’s UTS platform combines modular hardware and software to provide a powerful, cost-effective solution for low-medium volume, high-mix functional testing of printed circuit board assemblies.




CAPture Channel Emulator

Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd


This flexible and modular system can be used to simulate and test a variety of channel impairments before deploying your products in the field.




CCI 1050 Medical Device Test Station

Circuit Check Inc


The CCI 1050 test station enables medical device manufactures to quickly deploy reliable and upgradable systems that meet internal and 21 CFR Part 820 standards.




CCI 5000 Series In-line Scalable Production Board Test Platform

Circuit Check Inc


The CCI 5000 Series In-line Handler separates the dependence between automation, fixturing and measurements, while adding a standardize quick change fixture interface.




CCI 600 Series Configurable Compact ATE for PXI

Circuit Check Inc


Customer specific built-in fixturing for repeatable results. Hand-probing replaced with spring-loaded test probes or DUT specific adapters. Wireless probe-board connects directly to PXI, eliminating wiring.




Actuators Test Rig for Ironbird



Test and qualify aircraft linear and rotary actuators. Clemessy owns a standard platform to build test rigs for R&D and Production Line tests.




Camera Uniformity test - KT Mini Sphere

Konrad Technologies


The KT Mini Sphere is a uniform light source and integral intensity detector based on the integrated sphere concept.




Fine-Pitch Contacting Station MCS-500

Konrad Technologies


Efficient test solutions for smaller centerline or pitch spacing, lower profile heights and lighter interconnect solutions.




KT Camera MTF Target Finite/Infinite

Konrad Technologies


MTF focus test at different working distances, e.g. infinite and 300mm within small space.The KT-Camera-MTF target combines a backlight, chart and relay lens.




KT Radar Test & Measurement Suite

Konrad Technologies


An easy to use software suite for verification of automotive radar sensors.




KT-3600 FlexCell NT - Automated In-Line Test Handl

Konrad Technologies


Facilitate the automated testing of PCBs in an in-line or stand-alone process.





Konrad Technologies


An all-in-one low-cost system offering signaling and non-signaling connections, based on NI’s software defined radios, making it ideal for IoT companies.




KT-Vehicle Radar Test System (KT-VRTS)

Konrad Technologies


The KT-VRTS is a single modular tester for radar sensor RF measurements and object simulation. Users can test automotive embedded software, sensors and ADAS subsystems.




LEON Desktop

Konrad Technologies


Based on standard PXI chassis and optionally equipped with the ABex technology, the LEON Desktop offers test engineers a flexible and cost effective test solution.




LEON Inline Tiny Cell

Konrad Technologies


Low-cost inline test system for FCT/ICT and Boundary Scan with integrated ABex and up to 1500 test points.




Sensor Fusion

Konrad Technologies


Combine and test automotive sensor technologies with object simulation and HIL in the lab.




UTP 9011 RF End of Line Tester

Noffz Technologies GmbH


UTP 9011 a Multi DUT RF EoL Tester for Connected Devices & IoT Products




UTP 9085 LTE NAD System

Noffz Technologies GmbH


Flash, Calibration, Verification & Packaging System for Network Access Devices (NAD)




Automated Amplifier Functional Test

VI Engineering (Now Konrad Technologies)


A major tier one automotive supplier utilizes PXI modular instrumentation for high channel count audio processing and in-the-loop testing with VeriStand.




ECU & Integrated Wireless Test

VI Engineering (Now Konrad Technologies)


The Test System is a 6up full height stand that can perform DV testing on two different types of ECUs




Hardware-In-The-Loop ECU Tester

VI Engineering (Now Konrad Technologies)


The HIL ECU Tester is a 3up full height test stand that performs DV testing on multiple variants of the ECU.




Reconfigurable Durability Tester

VI Engineering (Now Konrad Technologies)


RECO can perform durability testing on UUTs.  It’s a 4 up tester with a user configurable  sequence to perform multiple tests with multiple variants




TestValet - Test Lab Workflow Management Software

VI Engineering (Now Konrad Technologies)


TestValet provides automation of test management activities from requests to test reports and metrics. The system is driven by a robust relational database management system.




High-speed Digital Record And Playback

Viewpoint Systems, Inc.


High-speed digital record and playback




VERDI - SOM-based Embedded Prototype to Product

Viewpoint Systems, Inc.


VERDI is an ecosystem of proven hardware and software that aids in the development of NI SOM-based industrial embedded systems by reducing up-front engineering risk.





Advanced Integration, LLC - Advint


sbRIO based condition monitoring node including two C series modules packaged in an IP67 environmentally rated enclosure with selectable connectivity options and LabVIEW/InsightCM programmability.




CTS-6000 Communications Tester

Astronics Test Systems


More than 12 instruments in a single, portable device test radio frequency, communications, and navigation systems at O-level to reduce no fault founds.




Custom Test Systems and Integration

Astronics Test Systems


From test strategy through the test system development, we'll get you to market at a pace and ROI that ensures your program success.




PXI Core Integration Platform

Astronics Test Systems


The new ATS-3100 PXI Integration Platform enables faster system design by providing an integrated foundation that includes; chassis,controller,backplane,internal cabling, and more for any test system.




Universal Functional Tester

Astronics Test Systems


Freedom 2 Universal Functional Tester is a configurable functional tester that maximizes the uptime of your critical electronic systems.




Automatic Full-functional Tester for VOIP(Voice over Internet Phone)

Beijing Pansino Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. 北京中科泛华测控技术有限公司


The tester is designed and produced by Pansino, which can complete fully and multiple functional test of the UUTs with a high accuracy and efficiency.




Multi-Station EOL Tester for Speed&Position Sensors

Beijing Pansino Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. 北京中科泛华测控技术有限公司


The tester is used for EOL, for fully and accuracy functional test and accessories detect of kinds of active/passive vehicle speed/position sensor.




Pansino Polaris:Circuitry Functions Tester

Beijing Pansino Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. 北京中科泛华测控技术有限公司


Polaris is a circuitry functions tester, which developed with the virtual instrument technology and is based on the flexible test technology by Pansino.




PS TE -1602 Portable CableMaster

Beijing Pansino Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. 北京中科泛华测控技术有限公司


PS TE -1602 portable CableMaster is capable of measuring complex cable connections.




Circaflex Product Line

Cyth Systems


The Cyth Circaflex product line enhances and expands the capabilities of the NI Single-Board RIO and System on Module (SOM) platforms.




Neural Vision

Cyth Systems


Neural Vision is a machine vision platform at the forefront of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence like abilities applied to the industrial inspection space.




Sensor Programming Unit



The Sensor Programming Unit is targeting every vendor along the supply chain to drive standardization across different borders to enable future time and cost savings.




Software Suite for Car Seat Development



Since 2009 Brose has worked closely with DATA AHEAD on the development of car seat prototypes. A real success story!




G Systems Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter

G Systems, Inc


The Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter protects sound and vibration sensor acquisitions from unwanted effects of parallel troubleshooting or diagnostic instruments.




G Systems Valve Leak Measurement System (VLMS)

G Systems, Inc


This self-contained instrument automates the leak detection industry-standard by providing accurate measurement of leaks too small for conventional flow meters to reliably detect.




High-Channel-Count Technology in Aerospace Systems

G Systems, Inc


G Systems' high-channel-count flexible test system includes technology used in the F-35 VSIF ("Iron Bird") Data Acquisition System and the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.




Rugged and Portable Field Test System

G Systems, Inc


Ruggedized for field use in a variety of industries, these automated test systems use NI Compact-RIO and custom hardware to operate in the harshest conditions.




VSAT Transmitter / Receiver Test Station

G Systems, Inc


Our low cost, COTS-based VSAT T/R test station provides full range testing of block up-converters (BUC) and low noise block down-converters (LNB). Customization is available.




Automated 3D Inspection System

G2 Technologies


Automated 3D Inspection System that verifies pin height and true position using 3D technologies. Additional tests are continuity, hipot test and laser marking




PA Validation System

Global Instrument Technology


PA Validation System covers all of the system-level measurement ( EVM, ACPR, Power …. ) in three scenarios, including static/dynamic state and DPD-enabled mode.




Home Appliance Testing Solutions

I.R.S. s.r.l.


Solution portfolio for design, manufacture and test home appliances




HVAC test & validation solutions

I.R.S. s.r.l.


A complete HVAC test solution portfolio for hvac functional validation and certification. We work with all the main HVAC manufacturers to improve products and prototyping.




Structural Health Monitoring platform

I.R.S. s.r.l.


Portable And Long-Term Rugged Structural Monitoring Platform




Structural Testing & Analysis Solution

Integrated Test & Measurement


Test ready structural testing and analysis solution that is scalable for high channel count applications. Automated analytics and notification services provide real-time asset status/condition.




MesSy II

IRS Systementwicklung GmbH


Our measurement system combines high quality measurement technology and pure computing power in a compact case through the combination of state-of-the-art microcontroller and FPGA technology.




Signal SuperVision

IRS Systementwicklung GmbH


Our newest development is the second generation of Signal Supervision SSV System based on NI Single-Board RIO.











Novator Solutions Home Appliance Test Platform

Novator Solutions AB


An extendible and reconfigurable home appliances test platform that offers a backbone in development of home appliance test stations.




Novator Solutions Wideband Channelizers

Novator Solutions AB


Novator Solutions channelization products for monitoring of RF wideband spectrum include a NC-10 Toolkit and a NCR-2000 turnkey solution.




Novator Solutions Wideband Data Recorder

Novator Solutions AB


Novator Wideband Recorder is a high-speed recording system based on the PXIe platform, capable of recording up to 765 MHz of bandwidth.




Charge Couple Device Detector Analysis System

Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd


Developing an integrated system to acquire data from all ports of a CCD detector simultaneously in different light conditions with highest precision possible




High Heat Flux test facility

Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd


To gather data from different instruments, sensors, IR Camera, Residual Gas Analyzer, target handling system, high speed safety interlocks status, different sub system parameter.




IRNSS Signal Monitoring facility

Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd


To develop complete Automated Test System which can acquire, record and analyze received signal from IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite) satellites for the authenticated users.




Lower Hybrid Current Drive DAQ Control Application

Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd


Acquire different analog and digital signals, control some parameters like magnet PS, filament PS etc. Also used for monitoring the data & generate test reports.




Pump Test Facility Software

Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd


Develop integrated system to conduct Performance Tests on multiple test facilities simultaneously. Process, store all acquired data,display status of test results in API standards format.




Tyre Bead Inspection System

Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd


To build a Real-Time measurement & control system with sub millimeter accuracy for inspection of radial tyre’s bead strip.




Wind Power Generation Test Bench

Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd


Collect data from different instruments in realtime, Host system to data like voltage, current, power, pressure, temperature, interlocking signals, with data processing, storage, report generation




Boosting Up Production Volumes of EAS Capacitors

Prevas AB


Prevas helped ThinFilm, producer of printed electronics, in developing a measurement system to test up to 1000 EAS capacitors per second in their production.




Improving Production Testing with a SW Framework

Prevas AB


Prevas has helped the customer to upgrade their production test system in a way that enables continuous improvement and easy maintenance.




Legacy Control System Upgrade for Steel Manufacturing

Prolucid Technologies Inc


A cRIO based solution for high speed fault inspection monitoring for a legacy steel shear line.




Motion Controlled Sphere and Tumbler Rooms

Prolucid Technologies Inc


An application for controlling two rooms, where a test subject sits inside, with full programmable motion sequences for operator use and subject data logging.




SubSea Vision Measurement and Inspection System

Prolucid Technologies Inc


A vision inspection system with correlated high speed underwater cRIO based magnetic field data with motion control for a SubSea mooring line inspection system.




Visual Inspection of Nuclear Lattice Tube Bore

Prolucid Technologies Inc


Vision inspection solution of lattice tube bores in a nuclear reactor, which are scanned for any scratches, discoloration, or defects and logged for reporting.




Chameleon - PVI's Turnkey Data Acquisition Program

PVI Systems Inc


Chameleon Data Acquisition Software allows users to leverage NI's cDAQ and PXI hardware without having to program in LabVIEW. Setup, Acquire, and Display your world.




V2X/802.11p Validation and System Test Solution

S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH


Integrated test systems for devices and systems featuring V2X/Car2X, 802.11p communication. Automated , HIL, manual conformance, RF- & signaling functional and compliance tests.




Ruggedised Deployable RF Automatic Test System



PXI based ATE for Communications, EW, ECM, Navigation and Signal Intelligence applications. Field deployable with CESG security accreditation to highest classifications.




Automated semiconductor reliability test system HTRB & H3TRB



Our HTRB (High Temperature Reverse Bias) & H3TRB systems increase measurement quality & throughput while reducing the Total Cost of Test of an open platform.




Automated semiconductor reliability test system IOL & Power cycling



Our IOL (Intermittent Operational Life) & Power Cycling systems increase measurement quality & throughput while reducing the Total Cost of Test of an open platform.




Customized sbRIO/SOM solutions -a one-stop service



We offer customized sbRIO and SOM solutions with integrated programming in LabVIEW to justify the needs and expectations of our customers in a cost-efficient way.




Shield: A Platform for Automated NVH Assessment

Signal.X Technologies LLC


Automate the assessment of quality and functional performance using dynamic data and metric-based decision making. Use Shield in production end-of-line systems and laboratory automation.




Automated burst disk production system

TBG Solutions


The system is designed to automate the production of pressure rupture disks used in a wide range of industries ranging from pharmaceutical to aerospace.




Automated Steel Flare Detection System

TBG Solutions


A Fully automated, Laser vision based system powered by LabVIEW to detect, measure and log steel edge flares to aid production.




Automotive Glass Verification System (GVS)

TBG Solutions


The Automotive Glass Verification System is a reliable and repeatable bespoke test system used to scan automotive glass.




Servo Cycle Machine (SCM)

TBG Solutions


An automated system capable of lifecycle and stress testing of security locks and door handles. The tests involve exerting repetitive forces to simulate real-life usage




Autonomous 6WD Dynamometer Control/DAQ System

Wineman Technology


Wineman Technology created a powertrain test cell environment to meet the diverse requirements of autonomous six-wheel drive (6WD) all-terrain vehicle (ATV) testing.




Electric Parking Brake HIL and Durability Testing

Wineman Technology


Using LabVIEW and a real-time cDAQ system, Wineman Technology delivered an upgraded hybrid hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tester capable of mechanical brake simulation.




WinSoft - DAQ 7100

WinSoft Inc.


DAQ 7100 - cRIO based portable, ruggedized DAQ & control unit (field deployed) provides connectivity, signal conditioning and modular I/O for variety of sensors/ signals.




WinSoft - DAQ 7200

WinSoft Inc.


PXI based DAQ & Break out Box (BOB) which provides access to your choice of signals while the system is running.




WinSoft - DAQ 7500

WinSoft Inc.


The DAQ 7500 targets the satellite industry for the environmental testing of spacecraft and satellite sub-systems in a thermal vacuum chamber.




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