IRNSS Signal Monitoring facility
Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd

To develop complete Automated Test System which can acquire, record and analyze received signal from IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite) satellites for the authenticated users.



The system is capable to simultaneously acquire satellite data and store in RAID Drive at maximum speed of 500 MBPS. The system will acquire and store RAW data as well as IQ digitized data with resolutions of 16-bit for IQ data and 12-bit for Raw data. The system will have the flexibility to select between the Raw data and I/Q data. The recorded data will have a binary format which can be utilized for post processing in any customized software platform. There is provision for feeding external 10 MHz reference input to the system configuration. The ‘Data Acquisition and Recording System’ is a TURN-KEY Solution fulfilling all the hardware and software requirements necessary for the operation of the system