Tyre Bead Inspection System
Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd

To build a Real-Time measurement & control system with sub millimeter accuracy for inspection of radial tyre’s bead strip.



Using National Instruments Hardware (CVS 1454) and Firewire Cameras, we developed a LabVIEW based, Bead measurement and decision making system. The System accelerates hi fidelity data collection, reduces human errors, automates calculation and does report generation. All of these improve efficiency and profitability. The machine is capable of measuring a length of bead from 0.5 mm to 100 mm. The decision making can give us Major Fault (Hooter), Minor Fault (Lamp), System Fault (Motor Stop). User can see uncoated bead in a commercial/industrial VGA monitor. And user can also set Camera parameters as and when required, thereby giving complete flexibility for the user to make the system adapt to changing requirements of future.