Lower Hybrid Current Drive DAQ Control Application
Optimized Solutions Pvt Ltd

Acquire different analog and digital signals, control some parameters like magnet PS, filament PS etc. Also used for monitoring the data & generate test reports.



LHCD DAQ & Control Application Software provides Data Acquisition and Control System for Klystron System. It has fast response control signals like: 1. RF Power Set ‐ Settable time period (1mSec to 1000 Sec), 2. Anode Voltage set ‐ Settable time period (1mSec to 1000Sec) Basically software has main three modules which are used for data acquisition & Control. These modules are Calibration, RF Shot and Shot analysis. LHCD application software has User administration module for different user to use the software with specific rights. The PXI system made use of NI PXI‐8135 RT, an embedded controller for real time control & measurements. NI LabVIEW Real‐Time Module helped us perform a continuous test and monitoring as required by the application.