High Pressure Test Systems

Turnkey pressure test systems for multiple industries. Each system is customized to specific client needs, including key parameters such as pressure, temperature, density, etc.



Optimation is a leader in pressure testing systems for medium to high-pressure applications, operating in varying environments and temperature extremes. Hallmarks of the systems include precision pressure control through pump automation, and metered bleeding of pressures driven directly or by user-defined tables. The systems are software-driven, and provide the operator with easy to use real-time monitoring and control, charts, customized reporting and recipe-driven operation. While typically wall-mounted, common system variations include self-contained systems built into shipping containers or subsystems built into portable carts. A diverse project history allows us to produce and install systems for the chemical, food and beverage, and oil and gas industries by leveraging specialized equipment, trained and skilled trades people, mechanical, process, and software engineering services.