GNSS test solution GPS-Galileo-GLONASS-QZSS-Beidou

StellaNGC® GNSS Simulator offers a complete panel of functions for legacy and future GNSS testing needs. Versatile, scalable and simple, from R&D to Production.



StellaNGC® is a full range of GNSS test solutions that encompasses Multi-constellation &Mmulti-frequency simulator. With StellaNGC® our customers fully benefits from an extensive GNSS expertise and from the modularity and evolutivity enabled by software radio design and VST/PXIe platforms. StellaNGC® is an accurate GNSS simulator with an easy to use Graphical User Interface With its multi constellations and frequencies (GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BEIDOU), StellaNGC® MultiConstellation GNSS Simulator is very attractive due to its flexibility and costs benefits. Running on high-grade National Instruments platforms (VST, URSP), this Versatile GNSS platform allows fine receiver performance assessment. The StellaNGC® simulation solution is easy to upgrade with StellaNGC® Record & Playback.










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