Circaflex Product Line
Cyth Systems

The Cyth Circaflex product line enhances and expands the capabilities of the NI Single-Board RIO and System on Module (SOM) platforms.



Circaflex is a family of products that consists entirely of engineering grade, deployment ready hardware for all generations of NI Single-Board RIO including the NI System on Module platform (SOM). Circaflex bridges the gap between out-of-the-box NI embedded hardware and actual solutions. Domain experts spend less time learning tools and more concentrating on the highest value-add part of the application. Traditional embedded system development customers reduce the cost and risk of development, test, and maintenance by providing a commercially tested and supported chain much closer to the end solution. In addition to the Circaflex product line Cyth provides services including consultation, custom boards, and complete hardware and software solutions including optional training, support, and obsolescence management options/strategies.










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