Fusion - Functional Testing & Quality Assurance
OptoFidelity Oy

An automated solution for functional testing in production & refurbishment for Android smart phones. Benefits: No adapter, universal DUT interface Android test app. Combined tests



Hardware functionality affects the overall smart device user experience heavily. Automated functional testing provides an efficient test cycle with reliable and repeatable test results. At OptoFidelity we provide our customers with a full functional test coverage for smart devices in production and refurbishment. OptoFidelity™ Fusion can be used in manual, semi-automated and fully automated environment. Android Device test application is paired with OptoFidelity™ Fusion host software, which enables rapid integration process for an automated test system with minimal effort from our customers. Test features:Audio (speaker, microphone, headset ),Touch&Force, Camera & Flash, Side Keys & Physical Buttons, BT & Wi-Fi & GPS (connectivity), Video, Display, Fingerprint, NFC, Vibration, Sensors (Ambient light, proximity, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, heart rate monitor, Connectors










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