OptoFidelity VR Multimeter
OptoFidelity Oy

For VR/Ar device performance measurement



The OptoFidelity™ VR Multimeter HMD is a professional, non-intrusive measurement solution for acquiring precise and objective data from any multimedia device. This system can objectively analyze a variety of VR performance metrics such as: motion-to-photon and display persistence. Additionally, this device can measure audio to video synchronization and the so called motion-to-audio-latency. The OptoFidelity™ VR Multimeter quickly creates repeatable results and the results can then be transferred to a computer for complete analysis. The OptoFidelity™ VR Multimeter HMD combines a novel synchronization technique with characterized measurement technology to produce accurate results. This implementation will allow the Multimeter to work with current and future display technologies.










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OptoFidelity VR Multimeter HMD