Autonomous 6WD Dynamometer Control/DAQ System
Wineman Technology

Wineman Technology created a powertrain test cell environment to meet the diverse requirements of autonomous six-wheel drive (6WD) all-terrain vehicle (ATV) testing.



Michigan State University’s Energy & Automotive Research Laboratories (EARL) is a world-class research complex where engineering teams work on automotive research projects. When the facility’s powertrain laboratory was asked to test a 6WD electric ATV for military applications, the team turned to Wineman Technology (WTI) to provide the control system for the powertrain test cell. The test cell uses six dynamometers (dynos) to independently operate the vehicle’s wheels during vehicle performance testing. WTI’s INERTIA test system automation software runs the dynos and works with NI PXI hardware to simultaneously control speed and torque for each wheel under various simulated terrain conditions. INERTIA software also controls the temperatures of different cooling fluids and various ventilation capabilities for the test cell itself.