Soliton USB-PD Test & Validation Suite and API
Soliton Technologies

Soliton's Test Suite and LabVIEW API enables R&D and Production Test of USBPD Chargers or USBPD Controller-ICs covering Chapters 5,6,7,9.G of PD-Spec Rev3 or Rev2



Rapid-Deployment PXI Based Solution to Validate/Measure Following Aspects of the USB-Power Delivery v3 or V2 specification: -BMC Baseband Modem TX and RX Eye Diagram, Cable Idle Detection and Noise Rejection capabilities for the CC Lines for any Type-C Downward Facing Port. -Power Contract Negotiation over CC Line- Functional Validation -Protocol Layer, Policy Engine, Power Supply, VDM tests -APIs Available for callability from Test Sequencers -Different Levels of Abstraction- GUI, Test, Driver, Message and Packet Formation Layers -Does not include USB3 Data Lines Protocol Validation. But PXI platform is scalable for this kind of enhancement. -Both R&D and Production Test Features available. Tested good on USBPD ICs and on PD Chargers










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Soliton USB PD Test Suite and API