Ruggedised Deployable RF Automatic Test System

PXI based ATE for Communications, EW, ECM, Navigation and Signal Intelligence applications. Field deployable with CESG security accreditation to highest classifications.



Developed using common architectures from our highly successful General Purpose Support Equipment (GPSE) Test Set, The RF Test Set is a scalable PXI based system built for field deployable applications. The system includes state-of-the-art software-defined instruments supporting RF signal generation to 6.6GHz and RF Signal Analysis up to 14GHz (options to extend). The User Interface is implemented on a handheld colour touchscreen and is based on the NI TestStand engine with a customised interface to achieve compliance with defence requirements. Applications and test results can be stored on removable devices compliant with both industry and defence standard formats. This system can be reconfigured for other applications by changing the PXI instrument configuration.