CCI 600 Series Configurable Compact ATE for PXI
Circuit Check Inc

Customer specific built-in fixturing for repeatable results. Hand-probing replaced with spring-loaded test probes or DUT specific adapters. Wireless probe-board connects directly to PXI, eliminating wiring.



Maximum value from automated test equipment is achieved using the same test equipment and fixture mechanics to test multiple products. Circuit Check's 600 Series achieves this by using interchangeable fixture drop-in's. Drop-in’s allow the same test system to be quickly reconfigured with new tooling and probe patterns for different products. This maximizes equipment re-use and minimizes the cost for new testers. Probing can support top, bottom or dual stage fixturing. The CCI 600 Series also can be configured as a product-level fixed function tester specific to customer needs. Wireless probe plates eliminate most hand wiring. Tester programming and/or instrumentation installation can be performed by the user or CCI.










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CCI 600 Series Compact ATE Product Overview