CCI 5000 Series In-line Scalable Production Board Test Platform
Circuit Check Inc

The CCI 5000 Series In-line Handler separates the dependence between automation, fixturing and measurements, while adding a standardize quick change fixture interface.



The CCI 5000 series in-line is a unified in-line handler that is software and hardware agnostic, enabling adaptability to a variety of off-the-shelf lower cost ICT and flash, while supporting NI functional test software and PXI hardware. The CCI 5000 series can be configured as: Single Bay- One slide-in fixture with optional fail-discharge shoot; Double Bay - Two slide-in fixtures to support programming and test; Triple Bay- Three slide-in fixtures to maximize production line beat-rate and throughput. A dedicated sequenced conveyor software tool controls beat-rate. Maximum value of automation and fixture mechanics is achieved by using interchangeable fixturing.










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CCI 5000 Series In-Line Handler