ECU & Integrated Wireless Test
VI Engineering (Now Konrad Technologies)

The Test System is a 6up full height stand that can perform DV testing on two different types of ECUs



The hardware leverages a mix of vendors to offer the best balance of performance and cost. The UUT communication is both CAN FD and LIN; therefore, the flexible NI XNET hardware is used. Each UUT has a dedicated programmable power supply. The software is built from TestStand and LabVIEW libraries to allow the customer to create and edit test sequences. A user interface allows the user to select the part type and sequence to run. The primary purpose of the tester is to communicate to the UUTs via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2. Custom firmware on the Nordic Semiconductor development kit along with a custom LabVIEW driver allows the end user to use intuitive, high-level commands to communicate to either UUT.