Reconfigurable Durability Tester
VI Engineering (Now Konrad Technologies)

RECO can perform durability testing on UUTs.  It’s a 4 up tester with a user configurable  sequence to perform multiple tests with multiple variants



The User Interface provides setup assistance to map IO and a manual mode to verify hardware assembly. Automatic Scheduler to keep track of all entered and completed test segments. Isolation from Windows operations allows critical timing and calculations under-hood to an operator preventing interruption or damaging a running test. Automation of work-flow from assembly, pre-test, test and post-test analysis with event logs, comments and report generation. Permits critical processes, and ensures they are executed properly, as deterministic operation is essential for tests running closed loop and/or data acquisition. Intelligent diagnostic capabilities Fault-detection and display to user Based on the segment of the sequence running, the diagnostic is evaluated, results are presented to the user for acceptance and comment and logged