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sbRIO based condition monitoring node including two C series modules packaged in an IP67 environmentally rated enclosure with selectable connectivity options and LabVIEW/InsightCM programmability.



The Piranha™ is a field deployable sbRIO based condition monitoring/measurement/control node packaged in a rugged IP67 dustproof water resistant environmentally rated enclosure. It’s available with two (2) NI C series OEM modules, Wi-Fi, custom signal conditioning circuitry, selectable connectivity options, and LabVIEW/InsightCM programmability. The unit includes network connectivity, a broad offering of I/O and communications protocols. It also provides the ability to communicate with, and synchronize to, other Piranha units. The system leverages National Instruments industry leading hardware and software to reduce risk, development cost, and time to market. The Piranha is available as customer-programmable hardware platform, or as a fully programmed application-ready turnkey solution.