Automated Amplifier Functional Test
VI Engineering (Now Konrad Technologies)

A major tier one automotive supplier utilizes PXI modular instrumentation for high channel count audio processing and in-the-loop testing with VeriStand.



Customized testing of forty synchronized audio inputs utilizing PXI synchronization and the NI PXIe-4464 simultaneous sampling DSA modules. These signals are routed through a mass interconnect as well as exposed via banana jacks for easier debugging. It features up to ten audio output channels generated with a PXIe-4463. Four of the audio output channels are wired into the NI PXIe-4610 power amplifier, extending the output range to 10Vrms. The tester features a built-in 6 ½ digit digital multimeter and additional DAQ modules for monitoring non-audio signals, including digital control lines. Additional NI modules in the system are used for serial and CAN communication. Four power supplies are included in the system for powering the UUT and simulating vehicle battery voltage.