Push and Motion Sensor End of Line Tester
T&S Engineering- TGS (formerly Ineva)

Up to 500,000 products tested per year, the End Of Line Tester is a robust system to test the various functionalities of lighting command products.



The EOLT is a portable and packaged test system for assembled product control. The functional tests that can be completed in a short time are: - Electrical tests (dimmer, 220V short cut detection, load detection) - Mechanical tests (feeling of push and rotary button, detection of bad assembly) - Visual tests (color of LEDs) - Sensitivity test for motion detection The system uses a PXIe-1073 chassis with PXIe-6341 and PXI-6514 I/O modules. The test software is based on a standard INEVA TestStand model (including functions like Manufacturing Execution System (MES), dummy process control, etc.).