CAPture Channel Emulator
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This flexible and modular system can be used to simulate and test a variety of channel impairments before deploying your products in the field.



The Captronic CAPture Channel Emulator can be used to test and validate RF products in-house by emulating a variety of channel impairments and conditions present when communicating over atmospheric channels. This tropo-scatter channel emulator simulates complex real-world phenomena of signal fading, path loss, and other effects on wireless transmissions to allow isolation and identification of device performance gaps early in the development cycle. The intuitive, user-friendly system utilizes complex algorithms for customization and adjustment of configuration settings, and FPGA processing for increased performance and flexibility. The customizable impairments for long-range communication include interference, rain fade, ionospheric and doppler effects, and real-time movements of satellites. These impairments can be examined using a spectrum analyzer to accurately assess your product's functionality.






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