PA Validation System
Global Instrument Technology

PA Validation System covers all of the system-level measurement ( EVM, ACPR, Power …. ) in three scenarios, including static/dynamic state and DPD-enabled mode.



For RF communication system, PA is the key component and almost dominates the RF performance. Therefore the system/design house must know the system-level behavior of PA exactly, especially EVM and ACPR. PA Validation System supports the system-level testing for WiFi 802.11a//b/g/n/ac/ax and LTE. GIT develop the unified platform SPTS-SEMI that can help users to set up all of test items quickly and save as a single test plan for future recall. Besides, SPTS-SEMI supports DEVM measurement and DPD function. DEVM is used to evaluate how fast PA can output RF signal with low EVM when it’s enabled. With DPD measurement, it can indicate how good EVM and ACPR of PA can be improved so as to meet the system criteria.