Low frequency Power Amplifier testing
Amfax Limited

Amfax in conjunction with the NI account team have developed a low frequency analyser with an low noise floor measurements capable of testing power amplifiers



Amfax have developed a new single box solution to enable testing of power amplifiers and acoustic devices using the NI PXI platform. The solution provides an easy to use, out of the box solution for companies needing to generate signals and then measure the response. The unit is a bench-top unit that can also be rack mounted in a conventional ATE solution. It comes complete with LabVIEW drivers and can be automate using TestStand. The system can measure from 100Hz to 2Mhz with an extremely low noise floor measurement delivered by utilizing the PXI-5922 Flex digitizer. The easy to use software provides two types of measurements. One for Power amplifier testing and the other for traditional high quality acoustic testing