Body ECU Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test
Aliaro AB

The Body ECU Hardware-in-the-Loop Test System includes state-of-art hardware from NI and is designed to be extended and customized to meet your changing requirements.



• If your ECU pinout changes you can quickly reconfigure your system setup using the Aliaro Configurator Software and the Aliaro AL-1010 SLSC module, which provides flexible I/O, signal conditioning and switching capabilities on each channel, and fault injection on all pins • User friendly model integration with NI VeriStand to enable sensor and actuation simulation, and I/O interfacing with NI PXI and CompactRIO hardware incorporating the latest Xilinx FPGA technology for micro-second level real-time model-based simulation of power electronics, actuation, and sensors • Suitable for multi-vendor test environments with open platform and support for ASAM XIL, CANoe, dSpace ControlDesk and a number of Python frameworks.