WATS - Manufacturing Intelligence for OEM and EMS
Virinco AS

Automate UUT/UUR Report collection, and improve test data analytics with WATS, in cloud or On-Premise. See Yields, Fail Paretos, CPK, SPC++ in your browser.



WATS is a Manufacturing Intelligence solution for electronics and electromechanics manufacturers. If features global data acquisition from any test process or format, from your own or sub-contracted manufacturing factories. And a top-down approach to data analytics, that guides your investigation to the most pressing issues. Technical features includes: -Dashboards -True First Pass Yield Reporting -Test Step Failure Reporting -Periodic and Rolling Yield Reporting -Process Capability Analysis -Step Details View / Measurement Analytics -Serial Number History Reporting -Station Reporting -Overall Equipment Efficiency Reporting -Connection and Execution Time Reporting -Manual Inspection Configuration and Execution -Repair Configuration, Execution and Reporting -Test Software Distribution -MAC/Serial Number Distribution










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WATS - Test Data Management for Electronics Manufacturing

WATS  Test and Quality Data management in the Cloud

Yield and Trend Analysis reports-webinar