Test Planning, Execution and Data Management
Werum Software & Systems AG

HyperTest and WTCS are software platforms for integrated test planning, execution and data management solutions up to full test process management.



HyperTest’s modular, configurable architecture facilitates the realization of any workflow supporting traceability and reproducibility of companies’ processes. The modularity enables distribution to different sites for an unlimited number of test engineers, customers, managers, administrators or facility technicians and connected workstations. Neither is there any limitation on the number or type of connected test facilities. The well-defined interfaces to WTCS or other test execution systems allows easy overall system expansion and addition of functionality or external systems to integrate the test process with corporate PLM, ERP or long-term archiving. WTCS expands the modular concept to facility automation systems as well as data acquisition and control applications. It extends the rigorous traceability, data integrity and process security directly to the test execution.