V2X/802.11p Validation and System Test Solution
S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH

Integrated test systems for devices and systems featuring V2X/Car2X, 802.11p communication. Automated , HIL, manual conformance, RF- & signaling functional and compliance tests.



S.E.A. provides various products and solutions for different applications in the field of 802.11p/V2X developemt, test, validation & verification with the NI platform. S.E.A. products include - the SEA9719 802.11p communication cRIO module - the 802.11p addon Toolkit for LabVIEW based on USRP and VST(in preparation) for RF- and signaling test - the PXI based S.E.A. V2X test frame work which is a flexible solution for the test of single devices or complete systems in functional or HIL-testing apllications, especially in the field of connected car (sensor fusion) applications. The open framework integrates all required environmental signals such as CAN, GNSS and scenario generation. It allows easy additional integration of additonal sensor signals, e.g. imaging, radar etc.










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V2X Test Solutions - S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH

SEA Demo V2X HIL at Embedded World 2017