Hydraulic Modular Test Bench V3
DAM Group (DAM & DACTEM Développement)

Hydraulic Modular Test Bench V3 is our new standard chassis and custom tools, it could test several hydraulic components for example solenoid and gearbox.



DAM has been designing test machines for gearbox modules for over 15 years. A first technological step was made possible by the modular machine concept with interchangeable smart tooling that allows to meet the needs for flexible manufacturing. On this basis, DAM has developed a new innovative machine integrated into an Industry 4.0 approach by developing the functionalities of adaptability and connectivity. Focused on Industry 4.0 movement, DAM Group realized the most adaptable hydraulic bench on the market. Used by powertrain manufacturer leader for testing: Solenoid, DCT, AT, CVT, P2, hydraulic components